• Dirk K

Happy New Year!

New projects are lining up For 2020. A very exciting touring project will be announced soon. 😎 Make sure to check back for updates. Two new recording 💿 projects are on the way. Jazz duo recording with Dave Ostrem and a CD project with Kai Brant. Stay tuned.

As far as equiptment goes:

Carl from Carl’s Custom Amps build me a Fender Deluxe style amp. Unbelievable sound.... Extremely happy. It takes my 335 sound to a new level. Mike Miltimore from Riversong guitars is currently building a brand new custom nylon string for me. His first Nylon ever and my first custom signature guitar. Very exciting. Just got my Carlos Juan VIP Double pickup send from my friend, guitarist Eric Hansen. Can’t wait to share all the new sounds with you.

As always, thanks for your support.

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