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Dirk K - Cosmic Boombox

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

UPDATE! The album is now available on most streaming platforms as well as on Amazon and CDBaby. If you like high-res audio. FLAC is available right here at

Cosmic Boombox is a continuation of the ”Selfie Nation“ project.

4 brand new tracks. Utilizing vintage equipment such as the original Wurlitzer piano, electric bass guitars from the 50’s and 60’s from Gibson and Fender. I play my favorite 1968 ES-335 Gibson on most tracks and my German Vazquez Rubio classical guitar on “Coming Home. We used old Boogie and Fender amps also special DBX compressors and combined those retro sounds with modern drum and electronica samples to create a brand new listening experience. I bounced the multi track to a true stereo DSD recording. It has been mastered in high resolution audio and is available as FLAC or MP3. The musicians are David Inamine on bass, Michael Joy on Wurly, track #1,3,4 and Kai Brant backup vocals on #1. Please tell me your thoughts about the project. I am curious to see what your listening experience is.

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